Why Choose Nlighten

We help you solve your project delivery problems; helping you drive more efficient, more predictable delivery of higher quality business solutions.

Corporate Strength Agile

We specialise in Corporate Strength Agile. We advise on shaping and implementing effective Agile delivery frameworks that exploit the benefits of working in an Agile way in corporate environments where transparency of control, predictability and governance are key demands of senior stakeholders.

While there may be many reasons to use nlighten here are some things that you may like to use us for

  • To get your project delivery back on track

  • Our partners and associates have over 100 years of combined Agile Project Management experience {link here to our people}
  • We have successfully turned around projects across a wide range of organisations {link here to case studies>}
  • To transform your organisation into an Agile one

  • Our partners and associates have been working on Agile transformations even before the Agile movement started in 2001
  • We have our own approach that blends Agile process and cultural awareness to help identify the best way to engage in the work of transformation
  • To improve culture and climate

  • We recognise that Agile transformation cannot effectively happen without an element of mindset change throughout the organisation sponsoring and in any way involved with the execution of projects
  • We utilise a scientific approach to culture change where some of our competitors use a much more ad hoc approach and some don’t tackle it at all
  • To deliver Agile training

  • Our trainers deliver training anchored in your world of real projects
  • For all our trainers getting through the slides and, especially, running exercises based on artificial scenarios takes second place to answering real world questions and offering practical and targeted advice to those attending
  • To provide Agile training, coaching and mentoring

  • Our coaches and mentors come with the highest qualifications and are able to reliably work at all levels of the organisation
  • Nlighten recognises the differences between Agile coaching of the personal change needed and the mentoring of Agile techniques and practices to build capabilities in both of these areas