Agile Project Management for Scrum Training


Agile Project Management was created by the Agile Business Consortium, based on its tried and tested DSDM approach to project management and delivery. This course presents a tailoring of AgilePM designed to provide a fully Agile project management context for Scrum – the world’s most widely used Agile approach for product delivery.

Nlighten’s founding partner Andrew Craddock quite literally ‘wrote the book’ on the integration of these two Agile frameworks. The Agile Project Management and Scrum pocket book was first published in 2013 by the Agile Business Consortium with, among others, the following endorsement:

“Scrum is a very well-used approach for software development, but too few people understand how to fit it into an effective project management framework. It is too easy either to misapply Scrum under an over-bearing project management regime, or blindly run Scrum and hope the project management will happen by itself. Both lead to trouble. For those who believe there must be a better way, Andrew provides a practical and accessible guide. He demonstrates how to open up Scrum to work with a proven framework for Agile project management. The best of both worlds are maintained.”

Dr Nik Silver, Former Head of Technology Development Programme at Guardian News and Media and Agile Consultant specialising in enterprise-scale Agile.

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AgilePM and Scrum Training Combined Roles


This two-day training course explores the foundation of the Agile Project Framework and digs deeper into the Project Manager’s perspective for running a successful Agile project that uses Scrum as the underlying approach for product development at the team level

It is an ideal follow-up for Project Managers who have been trained as a Scrum Master or who have significant experience working in a Scrum environment.

By the end of this course certified Agile Project Management Practitioners will understand:

  • The fundamentals of Agile Project Management in the context of Scrum development.
  • How Agile Project Management ‘wraps around’ Scrum in a way that allows teams to remain true to the Scrum way of working.
  • How business and technical stakeholders influence the evolution of the solution through collaboration with the Scrum Product Owner.
  • Take advantage of a complimentary one-year membership of the Agile Business Consortium.

Who Should Attend?

  • Project Managers and project management officers wanting to understand how Scrum can work in the context of a disciplined and still truly Agile project framework.
  • Scrum Masters in organisations that need more formality in project governance and stakeholder management than Scrum alone can offer.

Upcoming Courses

This training is not currently available on a public schedule. It is available in-house for classroom-based delivery on-site or near you place of work. An on-line distance learning version of the course is currently under development

More about:


AgilePM is a proven full project framework of Principles, Practices, Process, Products and People focussed guidance that helps projects to deliver results quickly and effectively in a wide variety of project


Scrum is the worlds most widely used Agile software development approach, harnessing the power of self-organising, empowered teams who follow a simple, elegant, business-focussed process to deliver valuable software iteratively and incrementally.

AgilePM and Scrum

Scrum lacks a ‘whole project’ focus. It starts with a ‘backlog’ of requirements to be addressed and ends with a product ready to be used to deliver business value. AgilePM provides a full-lifecycle project ‘wrapper’ for Scrum development that enables Scrum teams to be fully supported and effective in a complex project-focussed world.