Mind-shifting Training

Nlighten’s Partners and Consultants have extensive experience with training that extends far beyond the walls of a training room. All our trainers have extensive practical experience learned from years of participation in real world Agile projects. They break the mould; they are industry experts in their field with diverse experiences upon which to draw.

What We Offer

We offer a wide range of Agile training courses for IT and non-IT project professionals, each delivered by specialists in their field. Such training ranges from certified courses with associated industry recognised examinations to bespoke training tailored to the individual needs of our clients.

Our AgilePM course is an example of the commoditised training that we know is trained by many other organisations but we believe that we train it better because we know the subject better. In fact several nlighten trainers were involved with the creation and review of the template course for AgilePM that many use as the basis for their training offering.

Our People and Interactions course is an example of training that we always tailor to the needs of an individual client. It is always focussed on optimising collaborative team working in the context of your organisation and the cultural shift towards Agile that you are making.

How nlighten’s training makes it happen

We are often asked “how do you achieve so much in so little time?” We believe it comes down to the presentation style and personality of our trainers. We believe that it is more important to engage the delegates in conversation rather than just “get through the slides”. This way, the learning is deepened and is more readily utilised when the trainee returns to the work environment.

We also incentivise and reward our trainers for working in this way and ensure that they have the knowledge and experience needed to succeed. We don’t, for example, hand out ‘smile sheets’ at the end of a course to gather instant feedback. We have been in the game long enough and know all of the standard tricks for scoring well on these assessments. What we do is provide email details either for the trainer or through a central email account to gather real feedback and gather real insight into the success of the training and how we can continually improve.

This way we attract the best Agile trainers in the business and have the choice of the best trainers available. We believe that their dedication and commitment is second to none as they give freely of their time to attend Nlighten events designed to continually improve our service and the value we provide to our clients … There is a better way!

Efficient In-House Delivery

Our courses are available for delivery in-house. With 5 or more delegates you not only beat the cheapest of our competitors public schedule prices but you receive a far superior training experience, at a location to suit your organisation.

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  • “Agile Behaviours: The course was very constructive & informative. It provided a great wealth of information without being boring. Lots of team building, development and interaction. Loved it and have taken a lot from it!”

    Mel Anderson, Business Analyst
  • “APMG Practitioner: The trainer knew the theory inside out but it was the real world experience and project examples that made this course for me.”

    Alex Sparshott, Project Manager
  • “I just wanted to say how enjoyable and informative I found it. The trainer was excellent and I found it very reassuring that she could draw on her years of experience within the industry and not just teach from a book.”

    Susan Hart, Test Analyst

Our Courses

Our Leadership Development Programmes

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  • Adapting your Leadership and Management style
  • Leading an Autonomous organisation without losing control