Game-Changing Consultancy

We specialise in Corporate Strength Agile. We advise on shaping and implementing effective Agile delivery frameworks that exploit the benefits of working in an Agile way in corporate environments where transparency of control, predictability and governance are key demands of senior stakeholders.

How Nlighten Make it Happen

We believe every client’s needs and starting positions are different. We work onsite in partnership with our clients throughout the change, bringing our extensive real world experience that helps plan their way ahead. Our engagements are all different, but can involve:

  • Method selection advice focussed on the client’s culture and needs.
  • Training of teams in AgilePM, Scrum, DSDM and other Agile approaches as needed.
  • Working with people at all levels from project team members to Senior Executives, coaching the behaviours that enable Corporate Strength Agile to flourish.
  • Embedding a delivery process with the controls and governance that will provide the information you need to manage your portfolio and ensure value.
  • Making sure the client is self-sufficient when we leave.

Why Nlighten Are Different

We are a partnership. Our company’s values are based on integrity and trust and this is how we conduct business. To that end, as your trusted advisors, we believe it is important to have uncomfortable conversations about your reality rather than avoiding the elephants in the room and undiscussables in order to avoid upsetting you.

We are highly experienced in working with global organisations, FTSE100 corporates and small companies. We are industry experts and hire only experienced people who have passed own high standards for quality.

We believe theory is important but that in the end people and their interactions make transformations work. Building effective relationships are the key and our “secret ingredient”. We understand that often we will be the messengers of what may be considered “bad news” but we never shirk that responsibility.

We know that you can’t change everything at once; ocean-boiling is quite overwhelming, time-consuming and ineffective. Keeping focused on day to day delivery needs to be balanced with generating enough momentum to drive the change.

As consultants we believe in addressing root causes rather than symptoms. Of course addressing the symptoms may be important and useful but often the same underlying root cause like the proverbial snake under the rug; will just shift and re-emerge to bite us once again.

When you employ nlighten we will help you fix the problem for good … there is a better way!