Behaviour-shifting Agile Coaching and Mentoring

We are experts in the delivery of human change, employing only the highest qualified coaches and mentors. Our coaches understand the psychology of change and what it takes to really make change happen. Our mentors are industry thought leaders who have a collective experience of many decades in running Agile projects.

How Nlighten Make Change Happen

We understand that quite often it isn’t that people don’t like change or don’t want to change; it’s more about a resistance to change being forced upon them. We also understand that every person is an individual with their own learning styles, their own ways of overcoming adversity and achieving their goals. This is why every coaching and mentoring programme is designed to fit the client rather than using a one-size-fits-all template for change.

As well as being experts in all things Agile, our coaches and mentors are trained in what is known as Relational Coaching. No change will happen in the coaching or mentoring unless there is a relationship of trust, mutuality, respect and regard for each other. To that end the individual’s needs are placed above the needs of the organisation.

Nlighten employ a bespoke process that is designed to:

  • Find the right coach for the individual or the team
  • Align the individual and organisational goals
  • Support the client during the stressful times of change
  • Improve the engagement of individuals in making change happen
  • Improve the commitment levels
  • Increase the longevity of the change
  • Encourage individuals to become a champion of change

Executive Coaching

We believe that Nlighten are unique amongst our peers because our coaching, unlike our competitors, is delivered by master-trained coaches with a grounding in business and personal psychology. So don’t leave the development of your executive team to amateurs … there is a better way!