What We Do

Nlighten offer world-class transformation expertise to help you turn your organisation into an Agile one. Our partners and associates include key thought leaders in the area of Agile projects and the organization structures, processes and behaviours needed to gain the full benefit of Agility at the project level.

We are all about Agile transformations

Whether your ambition is to transform your whole business into one able to exploit Agile ways of working or whether it is simply to improve the effectiveness of a single project team – helping them to deliver business systems quicker, cheaper and to a higher standard of quality, nlighten stand ready to help.

Specifically, We Offer:

Game-changing consultancy to help you dramatically improve the efficiency, effectiveness and performance of your organisation

We specialise in Corporate Strength Agile. We advise on shaping and implementing effective Agile delivery frameworks that exploit the benefits of working in an Agile way: [ Read More ].

Mindset-shifting training to help you improve organisational capability and improved performance

Nlighten’s Partners and Consultants have extensive experience with training that extends far beyond the walls of a training room. All our trainers have extensive practical experience learned from years of participation in real world Agile projects: [ Read More ].

Behaviour-shifting coaching and mentoring to accelerate your employee learning curve

We are experts in the delivery of human change, employing only the highest qualified coaches and mentors. Our coaches understand the psychology of change and what it takes to really make change happen: [ Read More ].

Our Approach

Involves partnership – we assume that you know what you want to achieve and why and are looking to us to help you with how you go about achieving it.

This consciously and explicitly encourages you to maintain ownership of your Agile capability through a vision for and practical steps to ensure a self-sustaining improvement; we prefer to plan an exit strategy for nlighten up-front in order to provide a focus and an urgency for both of us as we achieve your goals.