Our People

Nlighten’s partners and associates include many of the most influential thought leaders responsible for shaping corporate strength and full project Agile; both in the UK and Europe.

Decades of Industry Experience

All of those thought leaders were training, promoting, coaching and mentoring Agile practices in the decade before the Agile movement was formed in 2001. Some were even involved with designing them. All of our associates who have come to Agile more recently have been trained and mentored by our thought leaders over a number of years. With nlighten you won’t get ‘suited and booted’ novices who have been through an Agile ‘boot camp’ and sold on by us as experts. You will get people with grey hair achieved through decades of industry experience and dedication to the Agile cause.

Andrew Craddock – Partner

Partner Andrew Craddock founded nlighten when he left British Airways in 2001. While at BA he was introduced to DSDM as a method for managing and delivering projects in what is now understood to be an ‘Agile’ way. Enthused by the step-change in productivity and customer satisfactions that he and his peers experienced through the application of DSDM, he changed his career to one focused on helping others see, understand and exploit the Agile way of working. In so doing, he has specialised in the corporate application of Agile and, since 2001, has worked with clients across both public and private sectors needing to improve the delivery performance of their projects and programmes.

Since 2005, as a director of the not-for-profit DSDM Consortium, he has been the architect for the DSDM method and lead a team of specialists responsible for its evolution for most of that time. All that said, Andrew is far from being a one method specialist; he was in the first group of UK Certified Scrum Masters, trained by Scrum’s co-creator Ken Schwaber, and has been an enthusiastic advocate ever since.

Whilst his biggest focus has been on Agile transformation programmes in financial services companies, Andrew has also worked with clients as diverse as Engineering, Mobile Telecommunication and the Media.

Mark Buchan – Partner

Partner Mark Buchan leads this focus of nlighten’s transformation business; Mark is unique in that he is an Ashridge Business School Accredited Executive Coach, who also has a background in technology and experience with the practicalities of Agile methods. His contribution to nlighten as head of Culture Change is key to the success of our approach, ensuring that the psychological underpinnings of our change programmes are optimally embedded. As a master-trained executive coach, Mark works with all roles involved in adopting and exploiting Agile; from Executive Leadership through the leadership of change in middle management to effective collaboration at the project and development team level. Whether in a team training context or in private 1:1 sessions, Mark is a truly effective change agent.

“Mark … what have you done to my team? It’s like they’re on speed! This people and interactions course is game changing. Thanks for your help”

Chris Davies, Agile Coach and Mentor

Agile Manifesto

In true alignment with the Agile manifesto our partners and associates lean heavily towards the people side of change.

By using only the very best people in engagements with our clients, harnessing their vast practical experience and promoting an environment of continuous learning within nlighten we are convinced that our service to you can not be bettered. With nlighten there is a better way.